This film is one of three shorts Roxana Vilk made during a week in Beirut in May 2011. The films were commissioned by Reel Festivals and Creative Scotland and the remit was  make a series of short films "inspired by" the festival of poets. It was an amazing week, it's not every day that you get to meet poets from Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Scotland. 

We were also meant to go to Damascus but as the political situation worsened that leg of the festival was cancelled. However, I still wanted to reflect the current situation in one of the films, so I interviewed one of the Syrian poets about his dreams. That was the starting point for this film.

All three films were shot in the space of six days. I filmed it on a Canon EOS 7D, with a Rhode SVM Mic attached to it and also recorded seperate sound on a Zoom H2 mic. 

Produced, Directed and Filmed by Roxana Vilk
Executive Produced by GOL Productions & Reel Festivals
Edited by Maryam Ghorbankarimi
Sound Design and Music by Peter Vilk 

Production Assistant Stefanie Van De Peer

Commissioned by Reel Festivals 2011, Creative Scotland and Scottish Poetry Library and Firefly International.