Karlov Most Painting

Performing with GOL at Knockengorroch Festival, 2009


Pete has had the fortune to be mentored since 1997 by award winning South African Master percussionist, composer and improvisor Eugene Skeef.

He trained intensively between 1998-2001 with Master drummer Tomas Camara in West African djembe, song and improvisation in Serekunda, The Gambia.

Pete has also travelled to study congas, bata, claypots, darabuka and frame drums with master musicians in Cuba, Bosnia and Turkey. 

In the UK, Pete has also studied regularly with African, Brazilian and Cuban master percussionists such as Eugene Skeef, Bosco De Oliveira, Dave Pattman, Vicky Jassey, JP Courtney and Ravin Jayasuriya

Pete has a BA (Hons) in Psychology specialising in Music Psychology. He has also studied Drum Kit and Latin Percussion in London at Drum-Tech where he received a Distinction in a Diploma in Popular Music Performance.

Pete also holds an MSc in Sound Design from Edinburgh University focusing on improvising as a percussionist with live sampling.

Apart from this dedicated training Pete is largely self taught, an instinctive improvising player, believes in the inherent healing power of music and loves to travel to collaborate, play with other musicians, learn music whilst being immersed in different cultures.

Community Music Projects

Sarajevo Drum Orchestra (1996-2001)

Rhythm and songs interactive session for all the 60 countries at the UN Peace Assembly in Perugia, Italy 1999

Between 1996 and 2001, Pete founded a band and community music project called the Sarajevo Drum Orchestra training young percussionists in war torn Sarajevo and Mostar. This pioneering community music project, that had the fortune to benefit from knowing and living and creating music with Eugene Skeef, Simon Glinn, Bennet Hogg, Roxana Pope, Tony Pesikan, Oha Maslo, resulted in the band Sarajevo Drum Orchestra touring, performing, recording & devising drum & song workshops and collaborations with fellow musicians and dancers, Visual Artists, sculptorists,   across Holland, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia, Sardinia, Bosnia, Turkey, Iran and Georgia.

Highlights include performing at the UN Peace Conference in The Hague in front of Kofi Annan and Desmond Tutu, staying for 2 weeks in Tabor, Czech Rep (2001) and leading 80,000 people on a Samba peace parade march from Perugia to St.Assisi in Italy (1999).

More importantly and to the point...the people Pete trained in using music and interpersonal skills in workshops and performance are all still active over a decade later working in their communities across Bosnia and Hercegovina, Turkey & Republic of Georgia.

These include my brothers and sisters Tony, Oha, Jasmina Basic, Gogo, Vedran, Robert Krajncic,  Aida Kudic, Alan Cameron, Senad Suta and countless other musicians that made the times so magic and memorable for all involved.

Most notable being my brother Tony Pesikan (from Grbavica, Sarajevo) who is one of the most sought after in his musical craft of delivering music projects and workshops and performances across the Balkans.


Tony and Pete in Zugdidi frontline with Abkhazia, Georgia (1998-2000). 

We delivered 100's of workshops for children classified as Internally Displaced Persons (IDP's) by the ongoing conflict. We also worked with Roxana Vilk, Dee Isaacs, Miriam Nabarro and Prof Nigel Osborne to establish training programmes for multi-arts creative workshop projects.

Community Music Projects in Scotland

In Scotland, Pete, as a freelance practitioner has led hundreds of workshop music projects in a variety of different creative worlds working with thousands of young people over 17 years. Focusing on freelance work with East Lothian, Edinburgh City and The Scottish Borders, working with p4-p7 Primary Schools in pioneering projects such as the Big Drum Adventure, Drake Music Scotland, Scottish Chamber Orchestra Connect and Music at The Brewhouse.

Special podcast and recording projects with homeless and recovering from drug addiction youngsters Young Scot.

For 4 years Pete also worked for Hearts and Minds as an Arts in Health Care Practitioner  

Pete also focuses his teaching energy on S1-S4 Learn to Succeed projects for disengaged Secondary School Pupils as The Rhythm Zone Project, on a community level with the Street Beats Brazilian project and taught West African drumming for the Edinburgh Drumming Society for 12 years.

2010-2017 Freelance Music Workshop Leader for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra CONNECT music programme The Vibe Band and Gauche the Cellist Performance projects.

I also had the pleasure to be musical director & percussionist for the SCO's VIBE Band Project special performance for SCO 40TH Anniversary Ball at The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh 2014.  Improvisation/composition Tutor & "Creative Music making as a group" for Secondary School music students in The Scottish Borders, 2015.

2012-2018 Freelance Music Workshop Leader for East Lothian Youth Music Initiative Additional Support Needs units in Musselburgh, Dunbar and Tranent.       I visit regularly ASN Units and engage creative rhythm and drum games, storytelling, soundscapes and songs.

2014 - Freelance Collaborator with singer Tracey Braithwaite for 5 schools in Edinburgh City Council on Improvisation and Creative Music.

Performing with GOL at The Bongo Club Edinburgh, 2010


In Scotland, Pete has played percussion and recorded for many groups. He currently plays drum kit for jazz-world-trip-hop band GOL , afro-latin-funk-rock band Baobab Gateway and the Seznec Bros. Over the years with bands and fellow collaborators from Orkestra Del Sol to the Scottish Chamber Orchestra to the award winning (British Composers Award 2007) contemporary classical-fusion group Music at the Brewhouse. GOL recently performed a headline show at the tRON kIRK Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival 2010 and 2015.



Nominated for Best Documentary at the Royal Television Society 2008 with Roxana Vilk


Gol Productions 

United Creations Collective

Pete has been performing on recordings as well as composing sound design and music for film documentaries, experimental films since 2002.  

Pete's sound design has been on 30 Roxana Vilk documentary & short films premiered at film festivals, nominated for several awards and won awards together (Kodak Award 2006).

"Iranian Enough?" 2013 was screened at the Filmhouse Edinburgh May 2014.

Recent work includes 5 * 30mins short films called Poets of Protest for Al Jazeera English and Scottish Documentary Institute and 4 shorts for REEL Iraq Festival 2013

Performing to original music and sound design for Around the World in 80 Days by Lung Has Theatre Company in 2011 at The Traverse Theatre Edinburgh


Pete has performed as a drummer and percussionist for live theatre since 1997 as well as composing sound design and music for theatre productions since 2003 in Edinburgh.

Pete has composed sound for theatre for over 20 years and in particular enjoyed 4 major productions with the inspiring Lung Has Theatre Company including Monster Tears, A Distant Suma and Around the World in 80 Days (2011)

The CATS Award Winning "The Unconquered" with Stellar Quinnes Theatre which went to Brits off Broadway in New York

The wonderful "Archeology" for Starcatchers Theatre which toured Scotland.

Pete was also commissioned in 2004 to compose for the Opening Ceremony for Perth Concert Hall and recorded for the Opening Sequence of the Edinburgh Tattoo 2012



 Studio and Music Production

Pete runs a professional studio for live recordings and post-production work in albums, film, theatre, TV, sound design and music projects. Pete recorded, mixed and produced GOL's  NEW Album "Strange Times"  released in 2014 and was commissioned by Studio Integrate and The British Council in 2015 for a unique sound design installation called Evolution

ttic Studio kit set up and ready to get in the rhythm zone, check out these beats...