In 2012, I was commissioned by Al Jazeera English and Scottish Documentary Institute to sound design and compose for 5 films for the Poets of Protest series aired being in September and October 2012. Here are 3 of them...

Al Khadra is a renowned Sahrawi war poetess living in the al-Auin camp in the Algerian desert. A vivid testament to 30 years of the Sahara conflict, we see how she keeps her oral poetry alive and tries to pass on her activism to the next generation.

Palestinian Mazen Maarouf was raised in Lebanon, and recently forced into a double exile in Iceland after criticising the Syrian regime. We follow him from Reykjavik to Paris as he works on the translation of his third poetry collection into French.

Arabic poets are responding to the changing Middle East. One such poet is Yehia Jaber, who fought with the communists during Lebanon's long civil war. He journeys across the country to discover why he now battles for change with nothing but words.