Additional Support Needs/SEND -Youth Music Initiative

My aim is to encourage positive group dynamics through structured music making using drumming, singing and vocalisation, with a strong emphasis on improvisation & rhythm games to improve self confidence, listening skills, turn taking and positive feelings of self esteem through group and individual music making. I use specialist drums, percussion as well as melodic instruments such as thumbpiano, balafon and HangDrum to create magical sound worlds.

East Lothian 2012-2018

I have worked in 5 Additional Support Needs units running weekly music making sessions for children with a wide spectrum of needs including autism, complex special needs and behavioural and attention issues.

I have delivered over 450 * 30 min sessions over 6 years for groups in

The Cove (Dunbar)

The Base & The Burgh (Mussleburgh)

The Hub & Ross High (Tranent) 

Angus 2017-2019

Rainbow Rooms at Langlands PS & Music Rooms at Southmuir PS (Angus YMI 2017-2019)

I have delivered over 150 * 30 min sessions in these 2 ASN Units over 2 years and trained local musicians and music therapists to continue this style of group music therapy in their own community

I have never seen my child play a music instrument before. He wanted to join in. It was the first time I saw him playing with his friends. He sings at home now and his language is getting better too.
— Mother of child I worked with for 4 years
Thank you so much for your session at The Cove today. I’ve not seen my son (from the Blue Room) so happy and calm for a long time. It was pure magic seeing all of the children so happy and focused! It was fab to be a part of it. Thank you. Please know that you do amazing things that make all the difference to non-verbal, locked in kids like my son
— Mother of one of the children at The Cove Dunbar
I was delighted that Harry managed to stay in the room with all those beating drums. Normally that level of noise would send him running. He must really love Pete the Beat to stay in the room. My son has also started singing at home. Never happened before! I am beyond words how much I appreciate Pete the Beat’s time!
— Mother of child I worked with for 4 years
Two children participated for the first time this year. One was engaged from the beginning and during every session could not stop grinning from ear to ear. The other child did not engage at all in the first two sessions but on the final session played both the Balafon and Hang Drum in front of the whole group.
— ASN Class Teacher
Just wanted to say a massive thank you from the children and staff for the fantastic African Drumming session today. The children really enjoyed it - it is sometimes hard to tell but that is the first time in a long time they have all been engaged as a class and all participated. Haakon has been calling you ‘Beat the Pete’ for the rest of the day which has been very entertaining. They are all looking forward to the next session!
— Cassie Armstrong, Campie Primary Musselburgh
One child was initially reticent, even in the smaller group situation, to engage. after the first lesson he became an enthusiastic participant, even “leading” the group on occasion and frequently improvising beats appropriately to much approval.
— ASN Class Teacher
Pupil has grown in confidence through these sessions. In the past would not engage with music or be very timid but now willing to join in with class singing and can see improved confidence in them.
— ASN Class Teacher
I was overwhelmed at the welcoming and inclusive environment. All children were participating and listening together. I would never have thought it possible. What an amazing achievement!
— Parent who took part in "end of project run" family sessions

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