42 min 24 second original Music & sound design composed by Peter Vilk & arranged by Roxana Vilk for the ‘Evolution’ Exhibition, Asia House, London

All of these audio samples are draw from my own archive of field recordings in Iran, between 2001 - 2006

I layer and weave this with sonic and musical interpretations on percussion and piano and Roxana on vocals.

From the trance inducing drum beats of the ancient healing “Zar” ceremony of Southern Iran (that celebrates and honours the spirits carried and affected by the wind) to children singing on the beach in Bander Abbas. From the morning birdsong in Shiraz gardens, to the polyrhythmic metallic hammering of busy blacksmiths of Isfahan market... 

We take a journey in sound & location from the hustle and bustle of a market in Minab to the mesmerising reverberations inside the famous Jameh mosque of Isfahan. 
From the disorientating quiet of the sea mangroves on Queshm Island in the Persian Gulf, to the busy downtown traffic of Tehran.......

I imagined taking a sonic journey by being the wind itself as it travelled across different landscapes and architectural spaces across Iran reflecting the images and themes of the Evolution exhibition

The starting point of my creative process was the natural power of the wind and how it has been used in the vernacular architecture of Iran. 

The sound design and music plays with actually being the wind; being the particles of the architectural structures as they interact with the wind and ultimately our interpretation of being on a journey deep inside the sounds of Iran. 

Released April 14, 2015